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Technical Preparation

by Flight of Hope, em 22.07.13

Dear enthusiasts of the Flight of Hope 2013,


This expedition, similar to the earlier ones, required a technical preparation initiated 2 months in advance, which only ended on the day before the departure, with the training in both Portugal and South Africa, where the planes were rented.


The part of the air operation in this type of expeditions requires a meticulous planning, undertaken during a year, in terms of the route, which involves a selection of the airfields or airstrips (in the remote locations in the woods).


In terms of the pilotage, it is necessary a qualification for the class of the aircraft (single engine) and the conversion of Portuguese flight licences to the South African ones.


After attaining this qualification, a briefing related to the operation of the aircrafts in airstrips of low or inexistent maintenance and airstrips with floorings of poor conditions (sandy soils or dirt) is needed.


Frequently the airstrips are short, the altitude is elevated and the obstacles are varied, which often are wild animals, such as elephants, hippopotamus, hyenas and herbivores.


To sum up, this is the known “route” of a bush pilot. 




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by Flight of Hope, em 21.07.13

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”

Mother Teresa


Filipa, 32 years old, married with João Calado Cabrita and mother of Joana (5 years old). In love with her family, with the beach and with traveling.

For many years Filipa was involved with the Media sector, producing TV shows, working for NBP in the departments of communication and casting.

Filipa has always privileged projects which involved interaction and communication.

Since very early in her life, Filipa has been involved with humanitarian causes, being a volunteer for many institutions and projects.

Currently, she works as a personal assistant of Urbanos and Groundforce’s chairman, Alfredo Casimiro.

The invitation to be part of the Flight of Hope 2013 was a challenge, which immediately pleased her.

It was with a great pleasure and emotion that Filipa participated in this edition of the Flight of Hope, which takes to these children an early Christmas. 

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Zenguelemo – Bazaruto

by Flight of Hope, em 06.07.13

In the beautiful island of Bazaruto, the Flight of Hope team visited Zenguelemo’s school. A school with approximately 300 children, where the students go to school in ‘shifts’ (morning and the afternoon), and where some of the classes were undertaken under cashew trees.

We were welcomed by the 7th grade choir and were invited to plant two Acacias in the future playground of the school.

We distributed the school and sport material and the donation from the Alqueidão’s school, which will be managed by Indigo Bay, with the aim of building new classrooms for the school. 



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MACOM’s support in Okavango Delta

by Flight of Hope, em 30.06.13

With the support of MASCOM, we visited a community in Okavango Delta, supported by the organisation “Children in the Wilderness Botswana”, where we distributed the school material. 

We thank MASCOM but also the support of Machaba Camp lodge, who received us with a warm hospitality and where we did an incredible safari, and were able to see leopards, elephants, giraffes, zebras, baboons, wild dogs, hyenas, amongst many others.

We leave you the message that Barbara Gotlop Tshipana, the representative of MASCOM who accompanied us in this stage of our expedition, sent us:

"Flight of Hope Team
We really appreciate the donations that the Flight of Hope team made in Botswana, your donations will make a difference to the lives of the beneficiaries. On behalf of Mascom, we hope you enjoyed your stay in Botswana especially your stay at Machaba Camp at the Okavango Delta. You are doing commendable work and we hope you continue touching ordinary people lives as you touched us with your "Wings of Hope" in Botswana.

I look forward to my visit to Portugal soon..."



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Freight in Mozambique

by Flight of Hope, em 25.06.13

Behind all the visible part of our expedition, there is a whole backstage effort necessary for the preparation of the donations and the school kits to be distributed to the different schools.

Today the volunteers of the Flight of Hope prepared around 700 kits, containing notebooks, colour pencils, pencil cases, rulers, as well as dictionaries and children’s reading books “O Planeta Branco” e o “Segredo do Rio”, donated by the writer Miguel Sousa Tavares, which will be available in the schools’ libraries.


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FOH and the 250th anniversary of Ibo

by Flight of Hope, em 25.06.13

The Flight of Hope is in Pemba, Mozambique, after living numerous adventures, meeting fantastic people and flying amazing landscapes.

Yesterday we visited Ibo Island, on the day of its 250th anniversary. We were welcomed by the island’s administrator, Mr Issa Tarmamad, who guided us in a tour around the island, where we were able to try the delicious coffee of Ibo.

We also had the opportunity to chat with the historian Mr João Baptista, notable son of Ibo.

After the guided tour, we offered the local school in Ibo, school kits, footballs and the money raised by the André Resende’s school in Évora.

The students in Ibo were visibly thankful for the donations, for the letters they received from the Portuguese students, and showed extremely interested in getting to know the Portuguese students who worked so hard to contribute to this cause.



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Flight of Hope and Helpo in Impire

by Flight of Hope, em 25.06.13

Flight of Hope was in the Impire school with Helpo and Liloca, a famous Mozambican singer, where two water reservoirs and a system of reutilisation of river water. In the following news from you will be able to read more about this event. 


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FOH is already in Pemba

by Flight of Hope, em 24.06.13
Caros alunos e professores da escola de Aldeia de Joanes, 

Dear students and teachers from Aldeia de Joanes school,


Today, Sunday, we arrived in Pemba, in the north of Mozambique, after visiting several schools in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.

On Saturday, we were in Nkitwitchi, in Niassa Lake in Mozambique, where we visited the local primary school of Mala, and offered several school kits and the money you raised with your raffles.

We spoke to Lily, the project manager of  Manda Wilderness, a project that supports 17 local schools, and we can tell you that 80 euros will be invested in the construction of the first bathroom in the school we visited. The remaining amount will be used in other school in different projects.

We asked Lily to send us pictures of the bathroom and the other constructions as soon as they are ready, so we can all see the results of your contribution.

For now, we send you the following pictures.

We hope you enjoy them.

On behalf of the children in Mozambique, a great thank you for your contribution.



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FoH in Expresso

by Flight of Hope, em 18.06.13

Difficulties natural in an expedition of this character have stopped us from updating this blog. As soon as possible, we will continue posting news about the FOH expedition. Meanwhile, read a bit more here:


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FoH's MISSION - Day 3

by Flight of Hope, em 12.06.13

The plan for today was firstly to take off from Brakpan to Nelspruit (Kruger), comply with all the customs bureaucracies in Nelspruit, take off to Maputo and meet the rest of the group and finally prepare all the logistics related to the transport of the materials.


Early in the morning, both pilots and airplanes warmed up and took off. After flying the 300km that separate the two airports, all landed safely.


A plan is an intention or a project. It is a systematic model elaborated before taking action, aimed at directing and guiding it. So, a plan can also be a set of necessary dispositions to undertake a project.


When you are subject to so many factors, a plan could not be more than exactly that – a plan.

Indeed, some of these factors forced us to adapt our initial ‘intention’… An oil leakage in a brand new engine in Cherokee 6 stopped us from taking off when predicted.





Right way, a team of mechanics solved the problem, and now it’s necessary to rest and prepare a new route.

Tomorrow, the plan is to take off and fly the 160 km, take a group pictures, load the planes and finally fly 4 hours until Gaborone in Botswana.



Murphy’s law was definitely left behind. 

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Tomorrow, all team will be in Maputo

by Flight of Hope, em 10.06.13

Today was a long day for FoH. Early in the morning the second group left Lisbon towards Mozambique. Ten long hours to cover the 8,450 km that separate Lisbon Maputo. Meanwhile, pilots, newly arrived to Johannesburg, raced to the Brakpan airfield where pilots and licenses were verified by South African authorities.
Pilots and aircraft checked, fueled, a well-deserved rest and tomorrow the whole team joins in Maputo.

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by Flight of Hope, em 10.06.13

40 years old, married with Maria João Trindade and with two wonderful children, Martim (13) and Rodrigo (3).

Having received the invitation by Pedro Venâncio, old time friend, decided in family in less than 24 hours to go in this unique experience, knowing that he will miss his family as the days go  (3 weeks).

Born in Angola in 1972 had few contact with Africa until 1992 when he went to Luanda on holidays. After that he was twice in Mozambique, country that he appreciates so much.

He is a sports enthusiastic, having played tennis at a professional level and lived in Spain following his dream. Today he plays padel, still playing some tournaments and keeps the “taste” for competition.

In 2004 founded, together with a friend, the company PC Clinic where still occupies a management position.



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by Flight of Hope, em 09.06.13

It is official. The Flight of Hope is in air.
This morning left Lisboa heading to Maputo the first group of volunteers. The Pilots. While I write these lines an Airbus A340 from AIR PORTUGAL crosses the skies, overflying Niger about to enter in Nigeria.
On board close to the heart, friendship, homesickness, and letters. Letters that the Children from the School Andre de Resende in Évora, E.B.1 Alqueidão, Figueira da Foz, E.B.1 Village of Joanes, Fundão and Maristas from Carcavelos, had trusted to us. Your letters are on the way.
The flight will take the same path, already covered by the two tons of  school and sporting material, collected and carefully packed by URBANOS, carried by TAP AIR PORTUGAL received and stored in the hangar of MOÇAMBIQUE FLYING CLUB.
Tomorrow the remaining group will leave Lisbon .

The Pilots, will be already in Johannsburg, South Africa's Brakpan airport where they will verify the airplanes, their tool for next twenty days.
To all of you that support us and make this possible. Thank you.


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by Flight of Hope, em 08.06.13

Rita is the youngest volunteer of the Flight of Hope, having recently graduated from a Business Administration degree at the University of Bath, in the UK. 
Before moving to England she lived in Lisbon, where she was born in 1991. Rita is the oldest of 3 sisters and the second oldest of 8 grandchildren. 
Rita has since a very young age loved traveling and enjoyed international and cultural diverse environments. She has worked in 4 countries in 3 different continents: Portugal, UK, USA and Mozambique.

It was during her participation in the Flight of Hope 2011 as a volunteer that Rita visited the south of Africa for the first time, having fallen in love with the people, landscapes, music, smells and colours straight away. 

She has since the age of 7 developed her social awareness and responsibility, through supporting several social organizations and causes, having worked with children, elderly, people with special needs, homeless people and African agricultural communities.

She loves the feeling of adrenaline, having done sky diving (Évora in Portugal) and bungee jumping (Victoria Falls in Zambia and Macau).

She believes that despite being only a drop in the ocean, this project will certainly make a difference in many children’s lives (not only the African children, but also the Portuguese ones involved).


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by Flight of Hope, em 08.06.13

Jorge Pelicano was born in Figueira da Foz in 1977. Jorge graduated from Communications and Public Relations and completed a masters in Journalism at Faculdade de Letras 

da Universidade de Coimbra

He is an image reporter at SIC Television since 2001. In 2005, Jorge directed the documentary "Ainda há Pastores?", which  won several awards, both national and internationally. In 2009, he worked on "Pare, Escute, Olhe", a documentary about the closure of Tua's railway, which did also receive several prizes. In 2012 Jorge participated in the development of "Momentos de Mudança", a documentary in series for SIC. Today, Jorge Pelicano works as a documentaries' director at producer Até ao Fim do Mundo.





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by Flight of Hope, em 08.06.13

Cândida Pinto lives in Lisbon. She is a news reporter for S.I.C Television in Portugal and also Chief Editor for Special Reports.

She has been the director of the biggest Portuguese 24 hour news broadcast channel (S.I.C News / 2001-2003) - and the deputy director of the weekly newspaper "Expresso"(2005 -2008).

In the past 20 years, she has worked as a reporter for major international events like the war in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Kosovo, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, East-Timor; the Earthquake in Haiti among other major international events. In 2012 she worked on a serie about Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique and also a documental serie about the changes in Portugal in the last 20 years “Momentos de Mudança”.

She has received journalism and television awards in Portugal and abroad for her news coverage and special investigative reports.





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by Flight of Hope, em 08.06.13

Alfredo Casimiro, 46 years old, is the founder, majority stakeholder and Chairman of the board of directors of Urbanos Group – a leader in integrated logistics in Portugal.

He has 3 daughters and loves literature, airplanes and travelling.

After leaving Casa Pia, where he graduated from a technical degree in Digital Electronics, he started his professional life as a “Customer Engineer” in Control Data Portugal.

In 1992, Alfredo founded Urbanos to cover a gap in the market in the area of logistics and transports specialised in information technology. During the last 20 years, he contributed to the considerable growth of Urbanos, both in terms of size and range of services offered, especially due to the acquisitions of other companies, such as McLane, RN Trans or recently Logista – Distribuição de Publicações.  

In 2012, Alfredo became Chairman of Groundforce’s board of directors, through acquiring 50.1% of this company to TAP Portugal.

Meanwhile, Alfredo has been actively involved in several social projects, assuming the role of Chairman of Novo Futuro’s Audit Committee and supporting unconditionally the Flight of Hope, where he participates as a volunteer for the second time.  

Alfredo, in his day-to-day, has these two sentences always in mind: “Life is a continuous succession of opportunities” and “When nothing is for granted, everything can happen”.




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by Flight of Hope, em 08.06.13

34 years old, born in Lisbon, father of a 4 year old daughter, industrial designer and pilot, since 2011, when he gets his comercial pilot's licence, taking of on a childhood dream.

My expectations for FOH 13 are very high, and I think that what fascinates and motivates me most of all is the possibility of helping and bringing a bit of colour into the lives of children that live with so little.
We will be distributing smiles by air.

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by Flight of Hope, em 07.06.13

Bruno Santos ,age 35, entrepreneur , recreational pilot since 2000 ,  second time around on the FOH .  Here the fulfillment of two great passions : flying and Africa (where I spend a great part of my time) is allied to a charitable cause . Also it gives me the opportunity to visit places where my ancestors lived such as Beira and Gorongosa (where according to rumors I was conceived  ... ) .

My wishes are that his FOH be as glorious as it's predecessors.

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by Flight of Hope, em 07.06.13

Carlos Rebello da Silva married to Rikke Johannesen (from Denmark), 2 children Emma 11 and Mano 9 years old.

By influence of my father, who was a pilot in the Portuguese Air Force and worked at Tap Air Portugal, I started to fly at the age of 21. I took my flight license in the USA, and when I came back from the States in 1991, I started to work at TAP. The first 10 years as a first officer, flying Boeing 737 (200 e 300) e A310. In 2001 I became a captain flying A319/20/21 until 2012. Since then I am now flying A330.

I like many different kinds of sports; I play golf, surf and enjoy to go skiing with my family.

Always been fascinated by Africa, even though I don't know it that well. Both my parents were born in Mozambique. When Pedro Venâncio invited me to participate in his project, I embraced it as if it was my own.

Coming from a big and united family (4 siblings and 20 nieces and nephews) I in an early age learned that "everything you give, you receive double"!

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